Hanger Storage


Main Hangar

      Our Main Hangar boasts 18,000 sq. ft. high gloss white synthetic sealed concrete floor, completely insulated,  and equipped with a high tech security system. Our location, which is near major metropolitan areas, allows for lower hangar storage leases, less delays and less or non-existent fees.

Short Term Fees

      Overnight hangar fees range from $50.00 - $200.00 per night.
 Please note fee may be waived with a qualifying fuel purchase.

Long Term Fees / Fuel Discounts

      One of the many perks of being a long term hangar storage client at Madera jet Center is the fuel discount. Based upon your specific contract, your discount rate could be .50 per gallon. Long term fees vary with aircraft type; contact us for your specific aircraft quote.

Hangar Client Highlights

• Fuel Discount up to .50 per gallon.
• Insulated hangar with security system.
• Pulled out and pushed in by professionally trained line service crew.
• Priority list for detailing services and fueling.

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